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Christopher Mallick sued Fraudulent Conversion Epassporte Funds

Christopher Mallick - Oxymoron Entertainment sued. Fraudulent Conversion of Funds.
By KRISTY PATEL | Monday October 14, 2013 @ 11:22am PDT  
Law360 News.  Questionable new film producer and e-commerce co. owner Christopher Mallick sued in California by a former customer who claims Mallick stole accountholder money.

Christopher Mallick - Chris Mallick
The ePassporte - Oxymoron Entertainment
Film Producer.
J. Christopher "Chris" Mallick was CEO of e-commerce outfit "ePassporte" where customers (mostly small businesses and the self employed) could transfer money between themselves and pay for goods and services around the world.

ePassporte's sponsoring bank cancelled their relationship with Mallick after an audit of the accounts revealed "deficiencies", and returned funds on each Visa card back to the account holders. 

Christopher "Chris" Mallick, while assuring his customers their "funds are safe", allegedly disappeared along with several millions of dollars of customer secondary (wallet account) funds.

According to the Oct. 2013 complaint filed with the Los Angeles Superior Court, Christopher Mallick (Oxymoron Entertainment) and his now defunct e-commerce company 'ePassporte', misappropriated the California actor and investor's funds and unlawfully used them in the production and distribution of a string of dud films produced by Mallick.  In an effort at launching his new career in Hollywood, Chris Mallick allegedly paid large amounts of cash up front to entice Hollywood B-listers to work on his films and paid the distribution cost from the Epassporte account funds he accessed.

Christopher Mallick has been suspected of using some of the funds to fuel an ongoing lavish lifestyle that included homes off the California coast and Private Jets to shuttle himself and female friends off to exotic locations.

Sources state that Christopher Mallick then deliberately misled the actor-investor in an attempt to buy time for himself.  Christopher Mallick allegedly used telephone/wire or mail fraud to carry out the scheme.

In his recent past, Oxymoron Entertainment's Mallick has been at the center of a Securities Fraud Case and also faced Fraud allegations regarding a loan he took from a businessman and former friend, the terms of which were based on fraudulent misrepresentation.  The latter case was quietly settled.
*Representatives for the parties could not immediately be reached for comment.

Is Charles Martin Just Like Christopher Mallick?  
See the first part of the video below!

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Christopher Mallick Lied - Lender Gregory Elias Sues former friend in Fraud Lawsuit

Lender Says ePassporte / Oxymoron Entertainment Owner Christopher Mallick Lied About $15M Loan

Christopher Mallick - Oxymoron Entertainment - ePassporte
Law360, New York (October 03, 2011, 1:00 PM ET) -- A film producer and owner of an electronic funds transfer service was sued Thursday in California by a onetime business associate who claims his former friend failed to pay back a $15 million loan after blowing the money on a botched film project. 
Trust company Fire Glow Holding Inc.'s managing director, Greg Elias, alleges Christopher Mallick lied about the purpose of the loan.

“Mallick's representations regarding... the purpose of the loan, the value of E Passport and the proposed sale thereof were false when made, and were made with the intent to deceive Fire Glow and induce it to make the loan,” the complaint said.

John Christopher Mallick solicited the loan from Elias, saying that he needed the money to pay off a divorce settlement with his ex-wife, according to the complaint.

The defendant said he would give Elias a cut of E Passport's cashflow while the loan remained outstanding, and that the potential sale of the company — which Chris Mallick claimed had been valued by a potential buyer at $80 million — would cover Mallick's debt, Elias alleges.

But the plaintiff says media reports in September 2010 showed that Visa Inc. had severed its relationship with E Passport, with Mallick's company dissolving the next month.

Upon conducting an investigation into Christopher Mallick's affairs, Elias learned in January 2011 that Christopher Mallick had actually settled his divorce for $6.1 million, according to the complaint.

“Mallick used the loan proceeds or most of them for purposes other than the [divorce settlement] including investments in risky movie productions, and had the intent to do so at the time he negotiated the loan,” the suit said.

“As a direct and proximate cause of Mallick's false representations, Fire Glow now holds a worthless loan with a balance due of $12 million from an obliger who claims to have no ability to repay the loan,” the complaint said.  However, in 2011 The Fulfillment Fund, a high profile charity of choice for those who wish to be noticed in Hollywood,  lists Christopher Mallick and Oxymoron Entertainment as very generous donor's of nearly a quarter of a million dollars.

 The plaintiff seeks a judgment of fraud and breach of contract under the laws of Curacao.

Representatives for the parties were not immediately available for comment Monday.

Fire Glow is represented by Aalok Sharma and Charles C. Kline of White & Case LLP.

Counsel information for Mallick was not immediately available.

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Christopher Mallick Biography

  The Career Biography of John Chris - Christopher Mallick.  

Chris - Christopher Mallick.  Securites Fraud,
 Fraudulent Misrepresentation. Misapproriation of Funds.
The ePassporte - Oxymoron Entertainment Fraud?

Oxymoron Entertainment's Christopher Mallick's career is littered with lawsuits stretching back to the mid-eighties—cases of breach of contract and even civil harassment ranging from Texas to New York to California. ...One case in —Suez Equity Investors LP v. Toronto-Dominion Bank—details his track record of tax liens, bankruptcy, and financial disputes with associates, referring often to Mallick's lack of ability and competence. The court found the bank—Mallick's employer at the time—had concealed his history from prospective investors and noted that Chris Mallick was lacking in "Character...Honesty.," determining that that was the ultimate cause of the massive loss of unwitting investor money.
Oxymoron Entertainment's Chris - Christopher Mallick has recently retained attorney's with specialization in white collar criminal defense and bankruptcy (fraudulent? Mallick was once dragged into court in a forced involuntary bankruptcy) in an effort to avoid responsibility for his ePassporte funds misappropriation scandal.
The Oxymoron Entertainment story.  Missing Money.
Christopher Mallick Trial - Oxymoron Entertainment is Epassporte.

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christopher mallick at Oxymoron Entertainment
What Christopher Mallick Did - Answers.

White collar criminals build a wall of false integrity around themselves to gain the trust of their victims.  

 (today Christopher Mallick of Oxymoron Entertainment is building a wall of false reputation websites to deceive his potential future victims)  

What kind of  "businessman" needs to build an arsenal of false personal biography websites?

White collar criminals use a combination of charm and deceit to achieve their objectives.

White collar criminals consider your humanity, ethics, morality, and good intentions as weaknesses to be exploited in the execution of their crimes.


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J Christopher Mallick - Wiki Bio

Christopher Mallick Bio - A Biography 
Christopher Mallick  Career. Exposed.

Fraud Alert Issued in 2013!  

Christopher Mallick of Oxymoron Entertainment
The checkered background of The Slippery Christopher Mallick of Oxymoron Entertainment.


To Christopher  Mallick Below.

Elias To Mallick Letter 2 (coming soon...)
Elias To Mallick Letter 3 (coming soon...)
Elias To Mallick Letter 4 (coming soon...)
Elias To Mallick Letter 5 (coming soon...)

note: Christopher Mallick and/or associates at Oxymoron Entertainment have been fraudulently issuing false copyright and other claims in an effort to suppress free and fair reporting or remove legal journalistic biographical information.  If you notice a broken link or missing photo/video please notify us and we will replace them. 

Have a great day!  -The Real OXY Report-

"...in real life, Chris Mallick of Oxymoron Entertainment remained in the (adult billing) industry until he drove ePassporte into the ground over the past few days, and while in fact, his wife divorced his sorry azz long ago.
If anyone trusts this lying sack of shlt with their money again, either in adult or Hollywood, get ready to be taken for a ride by this greedy, selfish, and cowardly, egotistical charlatan.

 - A.D.G. San Francisco, California -
Epassporte-Oxymoron Entertainment Victim Customer on GFY.


Epassporte & Oxymoron Entertainment / Mallick Media
Fraud - Contractual charges, Breaches of Contract - Multi Million dollar judgment.

After his Firing from Paycom for Misuse of company funds and other legal complaints, Christopher Mallick
received "ePassporte" as part of his going away package. Akin to a smaller, offshore Paypal, ePassporte was a platform for e-businesses to conduct transactions among themselves.

Soon, Christopher Mallick launched "Oxymoron Entertainment", a film and television company that bled money and was in need of constant cash infusions from somewhere, anywhere.

In Sept. 2010, his company Epassporte had it’s Visa Contract revoked due to what the sponsoring bank   (SKNANB) called “certain deficiencies”.

Mallick had no explanation for his customers whose Epassporte account funds (millions of dollars) simply disappeared along with himself, as his customers lost their business, employees let go, rents unpaid and homes lost.  A dismal spiral of failure.

According to Mallick, in a Details magazine interview (Bonfire of Vanities) he states “It’s not my money. You can’t steal what you can’t touch.” At a later date, Mallick concedes that, in fact, he could access the funds, though "he brazenly lied about that part" when first asked about it by the interviewer, Sanjiv B.

Sanjiv then asked Christopher Mallick if he would allow an independent audit on behalf of his customers, to which he replied..."i don't see any reason to do that".

It is suspected that Christopher Mallick in some fashion, used or pledged assets which may have included the account funds of his customers in order to complete the financing or distribution of a movie project , which bombed at the box office. The film lost nearly $30 Million, or rather we should say that  

"A VAST AMOUNT OF MONEY HAS GONE MISSING." - Sanjiv B - Details Magazine

A small group of several hundred of Christopher Mallick's ePassporte account-holders have recently won a judgment against him in a Los Angeles Court and as of this date are attempting to recover their funds from him, by court ordered force if necessary. Mallick has already broken several payment agreements with individuals as well as at least 2 attorneys.  Mallick is doing everything he can to avoid giving back the stolen funds.

"The thing that really gets me is not the thief stealing the money. You can look at that fat fuck's picture and see the larceny in his heart. It's the willing accomplices that came in to vouch for "a standup guy who will make this right". In the meantime, they are pulling their money out as quickly as possible. Talking about rats and sinking ships."

 Charlie G. - Epassporte/Oxymoron Entertainment/Christopher Mallick Victim.

After making personal guarantees to at least 2 customers, one whose family member needed the funds back for an expensive Cancer treatment, Christopher Mallick of Oxymoron Entertainment hid from them and continued on with his life as if nothing happened, hiring expensive Los Angeles Attorney's who specialize in White Collar Criminal defense and Bankruptcy (fraudulent?) planning.

White collar crime is more brutal than violent crime. The actions of one or a few corrupt businessmen affect the livelihoods of thousands of people. Treat them with the same disdain as we do treat serial killers because white collar criminals are economic predators. 

PAYCOM - Misappropriation of Funds - Fired.

Mallick was hired as a consultant, became CEO in short order, and had eventually accumulated enough shares to be considered a third partner by 2005, when, after mounting disputes, he was fired acrimoniously. Paycom alleges in a lengthy legal complaint filed that June that Mallick tried to take over the company by filling key positions with family members and cronies and plotted to oust one of the founders. It also charges Mallick with using company funds to shower “models” with gifts and take them on business trips on chartered jets.  Misappropriation - misuse of company funds.

a history with securities fraud for the oxymoron entertainment ceo
Christopher Mallick Wiki Bio - Toronto Dominion Bank Lawsuits

SAM Group - Medical Billing / Healthcare financing.

Filed for Bankruptcy.  A related lawsuit revealed that Christopher Mallick has a checkered history of personal tax liens, judgements and lawsuits involving somewhat shady activities and personal negative opinions of him by ex - business partners.

Suez Equity  - Toronto Dominion Bank

Plaintiffs attribute this failure to "Mallick's lack of sound business, financial management and organizational skills, sound judgment, and most notably, failure of  character, honesty."

...presented to potential investors a Doctored Background Report on Christopher Mallick.  The Modified Report stated that:  

(1) no bankruptcy filings were found for Mallick, while the Original Bishops Report had described in some detail his involuntary Chapter 7 bankruptcy arising out of personal guarantees on business debts;  

(2) no pending civil suits were found for any individual subjects being investigated, but the Original Report had identified three civil suits filed against Mallick;  and, omitted mention:  

(3) of a suit brought against Mallick by a gemstone business, in which he had been a joint venturer, where plaintiff sought the repayment of $250,000 borrowed from the business;  

(4) of three tax liens against Mallick personally, including one in the sum of $30,475, as well as a $3,233 tax lien against SAM Group's predecessor, which derived from $78,000 of unpaid federal taxes and $400,000 at a later date;  and

(5) of (a) several lawsuits that had been decided against Mallick, (b) his delinquent credit accounts, and (c) a critical comment made about him by a third party.

As a result, plaintiffs' SAM Group securities were at the time of acquisition-and are today-worthless.

The court concluded that ... the omissions in Mallick’s background check were the proximate cause of the harm they suffered because defendants’ concealment “gave plaintiffs an inaccurate perspective from which to value the Group securities.”4 Moreover, the court ruled that defendants could have foreseen that the negative facts omitted in Christopher Mallick's background report would have demonstrated to plaintiffs that Mallick was ill-equipped ...with him at the helm, the company likely would suffer a financial downfall.

The slippery Christopher Mallick appeared to be the beneficiary of the fraud but as usual, others payed for it.  Mallick quickly closed up shop and slipped away to his next caper.

HTP, LTD  VS  LACSA - Fraudulent Misrepresentation

The goal was to mislead LACSA into abandoning its lawsuit...

The spy, J. Christopher Mallick, gathered confidential information from internal
LACSA discussions and relayed it to Petitioners for a secret payment.

Petitioners used that information to formulate a strategy of fraudulent misrepresentation...

Christopher Mallick also misrepresented to Quiros that Gamble's lawyers had
obtained Brown's litigation files. (TR. 5 6 4 lines 2-5.)

When he thought it was over Mallick was "...suddenly confronted with the undeniable irony of the situation." (when his cohorts refused to pay him for his deception services)

Christopher Mallick had assisted Gamble and the Lawyers in deceiving LACSA, only to
find himself in the position of Gamble's next victim, not paid what was promised to him for his
secretive deceptive spy work.

In effect, Mallick got "Mallicked" (see  The Urban Dictionary online definition).

 It was this lesson early on that taught Christopher Mallick that it is better to Mallick others than to get Mallicked.  This set the stage for the above career.

Christopher Mallick Lawsuits at Oxymoron Entertainment
Oxymoron Entertainment in Court.  Lawsuit Problems.

Christopher Mallick White Collar Crime

White collar criminals use a combination of charm and deceit to achieve their objectives.

White collar criminals consider your humanity, ethics, morality, and good intentions as weaknesses to be exploited in the execution of their crimes.

White collar criminals build a wall of false integrity around them to gain the trust of their victims. (today Christopher Mallick is building a wall of false reputation websites to deceive his future victims)

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