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Monday, October 13, 2014

Christopher Mallick Owned by Russians after Fraud Judgment?

Thanks for the "Loan"
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Cowardly Chris steals
and Hides.

"Cowardly Chris" Mallick Screws Gregory Elias of United I. Trust, United Bank, Fortis Bank of Curacao, and investors out of $12 Million.

Mallick did not even have the decency to use lubrication.  In some circles, this is seen as the epitome of disrespect.  Mallick has been seen living a lavish lifestyle, his sons attend the most Expensive Universities including U.S.C. in Los Angeles, his Marina Del Rey home a showcase of extravagance as he reportedly drove a new Audi near his "special" residence.  Mallick claims to be broke, as he hires expensive attorneys to help him hide.


Update: Mallick attempts to place his own "mallick media" fictitious company name lien on his ill-gotten film assets to prevent his victims from seizing them?  This was sure to anger Gregory Elias.

Update: Christopher Mallick the Epassporte "Film Producer" has lien placed by Eastern European unknowns, investigation reveals.

California, USA - (O.E.N.G.) On or about the same date that Gregory Elias of United Trust of Curacao, was to have secured a judgment lien against Jonathan Christoper Mallick, an unexpected new lien was placed on Mallick's discoverable assets.

Vladimir Lien on Christopher Mallick Assets
Vlad.  Holds lien on Christopher Mallick.
The new lien belongs to Russian businessmen and a fairly new California licensed lawyer named, "Vladimir".  Gregory Elias's name is nowhere to be seen. 

There has been speculation among Mallick's Epassporte victims that in retaliation, Gregory Elias may have sold the debt to this group, and that Mallick may now be indebted to them.  Others speculate that it is a trick by Mallick to hide ill-gotten assets.

*Efforts to secure an interview with Vladimir have so far been unsuccessful and such speculation remains unconfirmed.

Gregory Elias (center)  (publicly available photo).
"do not do to others what you do not want others to do with you"
       - Gregory Elias last words to Christopher Mallick -

 At first glance, it may appear that J Christopher Mallick has decided to "dig in", reminiscent of Tony Montana (Scarface), although it remains unclear how he intends to secure his children, who attend some of the most expensive Universities in the USA, including the easily accessed U.S.C. in Los Angeles.  In certain circles,  if your actions harm another's family then Your family can be subject to the same.

Chris Mallick life
Christopher Mallick Living Like Scarface?
  The egocentric Epassporte "Film Producer" recently paid for and completed a bottom up rebuild of his est. $4 Million dollar home. Security systems, large scale structural changes which moved a portion of his home's foundation, removal of bottom floor windows, installation of projectile resistant glass and installation of metal bay doors along with the presence of several large SUV's which remain constantly backed up to within a few feet of the steel doors. 

Mallick miraculously upgrades home

Worlds first multi-million dollar home rebuilt for free?

Just ONE balcony addition during Chris Mallick's
$4 Million home upgrade. All work done while
Mallick was saying he didn't know where his
ePassporte Victim's or Gregory Elias Millions
of dollars of misappropriated funds were.

 The O.E.N.G. investigation revealed that the miracle rebuild (called that because Mallick claims to have no money) was reportedly financed from a Wells Fargo Bank, where Mallick's company, 24-7 Commercial Marketing (Mallick) was "managing" Epassporte wallet funds. [to this date, a vast amount of customer funds have disappeared from those accounts and Mallick has gone silent].  Mallick did pay back a portion of those funds under imminent threat of a second forced bankruptcy and asset seizure.

Christopher Mallick, no place to rest?

 In a new twist, travel records from Christopher Mallick relatives who have visited him in California show that their final destination, upon reaching Christopher Mallick's residence, was not at the newly fortified home in Marina Del Rey. Instead, records show that the residence was a different, more spacious coastal location with a direct beach view, the address of which is confidential at this time (for safety of his relatives).

If true, this would confirm earlier suspicions that Mallick is afraid for his safety and moves from place to place periodically.  

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(source: The Oxymoron News and Research Group - 4frontCanada@gmail-com)

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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Christopher Mallick Guilty of Fraud - Judge Slams Epassporte Film Producer

Curacao Businessman Gregory Elias (Curacao North Sea Jazz Festival Patron), presses lawsuit.  Mallick also scheduled for upcoming 2015 Trial.

Questionable Texas Transplant  Christopher Mallick Guilty. Hit With Fraud Judgement:  Judge rules against Endeavour Orbiter, Oxymoron Entertainment and Epassporte "Film Producer"

Christopher Mallick of Endeavor Orbiter Productions.
Chris Mallick - John Christopher Mallick.
Victim Customer asks "where is my money"?
Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Maureen Duffy-Lewis issued swift ruling without coming to the bench after the facts were revealed in yet another fraud case against the embattled former SAM Group defendent.  [ In that previous case, (suez equity vs Toronto Dominion Bank) the Judge found that the proximate cause of harm to investors was the intentional concealment of Mallick's backround via a doctored Bishops Background Report, which omitted Chris Mallick's history of "missing funds" disputes with former investors, as well as several lawsuits decided against him ]

The Plaintiff in the current case, Curacao based Lawyer and Businessman, Gregory Elias of United Trust / Bank, secured a $12 Million Fraud judgment, alleging that Christopher Mallick defrauded him of the money with false representations.

   Jonathan Christopher Mallick was represented by AGMB law (Nina Ameri, Michael Weiss and Thomas Vidal), who answered the charges by pleading that Plaintiffs lawyers had confused and fooled them with sneaky words and language, and so they were really just tricked into signing a prior agreement that let Mallick stay out of jail without admitting guilt so long as he paid the money back secretly, and also they were fooled, they said, because now Mallick would not be allowed to write off the debt in another bankruptcy, and walk away from the situation without giving back the misappropriated money.  

That argument went nowhere as judge Duffy-Lewis quickly ruled against Mallick, without even coming to the bench.

John Christopher Mallick was also controller/owner of now collapsed e-commerce company "Epassporte" and it's U.S. based "shell company", (24-7 Commercial Marketing), from where

"a vast amount of customer money has gone missing".  
Sanjiv B. - Details Magazine
  "Inside Hollywood's Greatest Vanity Project" 2011-03-01

During the recent civil trial brought against Mallick by a few hundred of his epassporte victims , a prosecuting attorney stated: 

["We have received information that shows that Mr Mallick has stolen a large amount from the account holders of Epassporte, ranging between USD $ 20 million up to USD $ 60 million."]

     *Money Laundering is Rampant in the Film Industry.  The money is usually taken though the long and often untraceable film production cost process.  A slate of films that should have cost no more than $4 million, winds up allegedly costing $30 Million.  The ill-gotten money is then sent to places such as switzerland and invested in legitimate international funds.  The thief then lives off of the proceeds.

Christopher Mallick is also scheduled to appear before a Los Angeles Court in 2015, to answer allegations that he intentionally failed to meet up to his obligations per a written and verbal agreement made to an ePassporte victim, whereby the victims mother is said to have died due to lack of medication, as a direct cause of Christopher Mallick’s false representations and negligence.

*Representatives for the parties could not be reached for comment

Christopher Mallick White Collar Crime

White collar criminals use a combination of charm and deceit to achieve their objectives.

White collar criminals consider your humanity, ethics, morality, and good intentions as weaknesses to be exploited in the execution of their crimes.

White collar criminals build a wall of false integrity around them to gain the trust of their victims. (today Christopher Mallick is building a wall of false reputation websites to deceive his future victims)

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